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I was visiting my hometown of Seekonk for my Mom's 80th birthday, last week of December, a surprise event with family coming in from out of town and nearby RI.I am an educated, single, mature woman who booked three nights, paid HALF a month in advance, the other half when I checked in, total of over $800.

Upon a late arrival, I had to pass a woman smoking right by the front door to get to my room, she was not asked to leave the area or stop. I had a simple breakfast the next morning and thought it was odd Eleonora was scolding the other guests (there were only two or three rooms rented during my stay) for being in an area not for guests, unless invited... I left for the entire day, I came back that second night about 8:30pm, with my sister who was SO excited to see the place, and when I told her about the "game room" she was thrilled to shoot a game of pool. She lives in SC, I live in NV, we had not seen each other in a while.

If you could have seen Eleonora's face when I asked if we could go up and play pool... I am still shocked when I think about it. All that money I paid, for what? It was apparent I was irritating her, and she was not happy to accommodate me at all.

My brother and brother-in-law followed about 20 minutes later, to pick up my sister, and my nephew (who had been drinking) and his wife (who does NOT drink) followed them over.

They were polite and respectful and told Eleonora how pretty the place was. Right at 10pm, Eleonora came up, and began to turn things off telling us to leave. She was very rude; very, very rude. We headed to my room, which everyone wanted to see, as I had told them about it.

They were only coming to look at the room, NO ONE intended to stay more than 10-15 minutes (they aren't big visitors, you'd have to know my family) and BAM, pushing thru the door, here is Eleonora, telling them "you know there are bars you should go to" while I was in the restroom. I came out, my family was humiliated and I was furious. They all left, I packed my belongings, checked out the next morning before 9am. When I was leaving and she asked why, I asked her, did you tell my family to go to a barroom last night?

She replied, "Yea, what's wrong with that..." As I told her, if you don't know, I cannot hope to explain it to you... and I left.

One breakfast, no wine, and apparently no refunds. I have emailed TWICE asking for a refund on my third night only, that I did not stay, mind you, for over $800 I spent less than 18 hours there!

NO REPLY.No apology, nothing.

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i stayed at this place with my husband.the owner gets bad reviews stricken or discredits them (as she did ours).

it is really pretty but expensive and they are really bizarre. the male owner talks non-stop and the woman is incredibly rude and nasty. i know other people who stayed there who also had a horrible experience.

she totally games the system, and writes many of those reviews herself!!!!i believe this guy totally.


I had to Google this place and it was on trip advisor. I have to say other than this person, it seems there are 100's of reviews saying this pace is awesome, which is rare these days I only typically post when I am upset).

I admit I have never been there but when a person who admits to drinking and has friends over who are also drinking then posts a bad review (especially that he did not get his bottle of whine but that may be because you can not serve alcohol to someone already drunk) and it is the only bad one out of hundreds kinds of make you wonder about his credibility.

Perhaps when he sobers up his story may be this place is not to bad a place - when sober?

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